Mold Prevention

Mold Prevention

How Can You PREVENT Mold?

First, it’s always a good idea to give us a call and let us come take a look around to help ensure that there is not any current issues that need to be taken care of as well as help point out anything that can become an issue.


Here’s a few other steps to help prevent mold:

  1. Eliminate clutter
  2. Indoor Climate Control
  3. Keep the doors and windows closed when AC is on.
  4. Make sure your AC unit is the appropriate size.
  5. Monitor the humidity in your home.
  6. Evaluate your AC
  7. Look all around the house for any standing water.
  8. Cover your crawl space floors.
  9. Get a Dehumidifier


What Causes Mold?

High humidity, condensation, and water leaks are the most common causes of mold. A damp cellar, moist window and even plants can cause mold in your home.


Drywall walls are high in cellulose, which is one of the most common materials in a home that serves a place for mold to grow and spread! Wallpaper glue can also hold organic debris that could turn into a big food source for mold to grow and live on.

Is Mold Easy to See?

No, not always! It is very common for mold to grow completely out of sight behind the wall cavities because these spaces can contain pockets of humid, most air. However, mold can also be found in other areas such as your ceiling as well.

Signs of Mold?

There are a few different things you may notice if mold is starting to grow. Peeling or cracked paint as well as discoloration and bulging are definite signs that there could be moisture in your walls. You might even be able to see little spots of mold starting to form in these type of areas which could also mean that there is mold growing behind the walls in the wall cavity.


Another common sign of mold growing is smelling a musty odor or if you and family members have been having any allergic reactions. Mold can create a lot of dangerous health issues.

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